Web Site Design

Using industry best practices we design and create eye catching web sites with a professional appearance. We endeavour to produce the best user experience possible for users which should not only encourage your user's to continue browsing your site after the first page view but to return again and again after their initial visit.

In order to maximise your site's audience accessibility and compliancy will be kept in mind. What does this mean ? The colours and fonts/sizes used on your site will not rule out the colour blind, the partially sighted, or even the blind. Your site's code will be W3C compliant, meaning that a number of different machine reading mechanisms will be able to read your site and present it in other formats as per your user's nessecity eg; Braille, Audio We also ensure that your site is not only usable, but almost identical in appearance accross all the mainstream web browsers.

To maintain cost effectiveness to the customer we produce even 'static' sites in a simple to use content management system(CMS) which allows the customer to log in and update content at their leisure.

Web Development

As well as creating simple 'static' sites which are there to display information/data/images, we also develop sites that are a little more functional/clever than this. Examples of this might be a community site, where users are able to communicate with one another, share information, and leave messages for one another. Another example would be an eCommerce site that allows users to purchase goods.

For cost effectiveness, and stability, on the most part any development project we undertake is built on top of already established frameworks and content management systems(CMS). After collecting your requirements, we will advise on the best tools to use, and what will be nessecary to develop on top to meet your requirements.

Of course, if requirements deem a completely custom developed site from scratch, this is not a problem. We have over 20 years development experience including desktop applications as well as web applications.


With over 15 years experience of the WWW you know you're talking to people who are well qualified in guiding potential customers through what they need to do/know in order to get their site off the ground.

After talking to you about what your requirements, we will advise you on aspects that you perhaps hadn't thought about as yet, and will suggest the tools and approaches to use in acheiving your goal.

As well as advising you on your requirments and approach, we are also able to advise on domain setup, hosting, and email. At present TechIgnition offers no official hosting service, although we are more than happy to give you free no frills hosting to get you started.

After taking advice from us, if there are any aspects discussed which you'd like us to take on, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


SecondLife has been around now for some years, at first born as a game, but has rapidly become an online virtual reality based community which businesses have recently started to see market audience potential in.

TechIgnition is able to advise on and create a presence in the SecondLife virtual world to your specification. If you have a third party service idea involving web integration, we can help with that to.

Find out more about SecondLife


Creating and getting a site online is only the start of the TechIgnition/Customer relationship, we offer after deployment support. This may range from copy change and page additions(where the customer prefer us to implement), to code maintenance, platform/framework/CMS updates, and additional functionality.

Unlike many less professional web design and development agencies we don't leave our customers high and dry after the initial job is completed and deployed. We take pride in what we create and want to see it always peforming to it's best. "if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly,"

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